Volunteer camp: Way-marking and path cleaning on Spring 2019

Lycian Way

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Who are we?

ornament1We are a small Turkish not-for-profit society. Our members make and maintain long distance walking, biking and horse-riding routes. The society protects old roads, markets Turkish culture routes and helps villagers along the routes benefit from them.

Committee and members

ornament1Our committee includes the creators of the finest walking routes in Turkey. Our members include trekking guides, travel agencies, accommodation providers, archaeologists, historians, nature-lovers and people interested in Turkish village culture.

Products and services

ornament1To help you use our routes, we produce and sell guide-books, maps and iphone apps. We also list all our member agencies tours on the site (see tours) and will advise you about your adventure by mail, by phone or at our drop-in centre in Antalya .

Practical way to help

ornament1The society relies on help from enthusiastic volunteers either with individual projects or in our office. Read more about our how you can help. If you like our work and want to contribute, you can become a member or make a donation.

Upcoming Events

What's new?

After a very rainy week, we set off on Saturday for a daytrip to Geyikbayiri and the ruins of Trebenna. Geyikbayiri is the first or last stage of the Lycian Way (depending on where you start) and a very famous climbing spot – but we’ll come back to it later. We set off early in…

To keep the Lycian Way in line with the new book (published June 2014), over the last few months we have undertaken a huge waymarking effort on the route. It’s not perfect, but certainly much improved.   >>SIGNPOSTS – FOR THE MOMENT, THE SIGNPOSTS DO NOT CORRESPOND WITH THE CHANGES IN THE ROUTE – IGNORE THEM!!!<<…

A contributing factor to the popularity of certain long distance hiking trails around the world is the way they have been eulogized in works of literature. The Lycian Way has now too served as the backdrop for a literary work.  Inspired by a true story, Ayse’s Trail by Atulya K. Bingham, recounts the adventures of a…

One of the key challenges facing denizens on parts of the Lycian Coast was ensuring a consistent access to fresh water.  For those towns and villages not located near a fresh water source, human engineering was required to make sure that year-round survival was possible.  The Romans mastered the art of aqueduct building to such…

For trekkers about to set out on the Lycian Way or other trails in Turkey, one thing that you’ll quickly get used to is waking up to Turkish breakfast every morning.  For those used to their cereal, oatmeal, croissants or specialty coffees, this will be a bit of a change, but you will quickly begin…

There are lots of marvellous sights on Turkey’s south coast, but the flames of Chimaera rank very close to the top of the highlights list. Referenced in the writings of Pliny, Strabo and Isidore of Seville, this hillside has been on fire for thousands of years.  Walking along the Lycian Way a few kilometers above…

Part of the fun of being part of Turkey’s trekking and route-making community is the chance to get out and explore new areas and design new trails for tourists and other trekkers to explore. On the 16-17 November, Culture Routes Society team members joined forces with the formidable Beycik duo, Andrew and Faye (and some…

The Culture Routes Society was happy to coordinate a visit by Noel van Bemmel, the travel editor of leading Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant, to the St. Paul Trail in early November. In partnership with Middle Earth Travel, Noel and a photographer were escorted to several of the trail highlights over the course of three days….

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