Kate Clow and Caroline Finkel, both members of the management committee, attended and gave talks at the international conference on Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality on 6-8th November 2014. The conference was arranged jointly by Rotterdam school of management and Boğaziçi University and was held in the university campus overlooking the Bosphorus.



Heritage-Tourism-Hospitality-logoMany of the papers presented were from university personnel and were extremely technical. They concerned the management of major locations including world heritage sites, the effect of these sites on their visitors and on the local people around them. Apart from our presentations on the Evliya Çelebi Trail and the St Paul Trail, the only other NGO presenting a paper was Çekül. They presented an interesting paper including details of their major planning exercise undertaken with local authorities in key areas.


We also made contact with the Thrace Vinyard Route, a newly opened wine route sponsored by the Thrace development agency.

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