“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

If you agree with our aims and would like to support our society, consider becoming a member.  You can also make donations to the Society and support our trail maintenance or conservation work.

Single Donation

 About donations:

The Culture Routes Society is a not-for-profit Turkish society, registered with the Turkish Society Management Office under the number 07.029.040 / 7-334713. It is supported by:
  – book, map and smart-phone application sales
  – subscriptions of our regular members (in Turkey)
  – donations by our supporters abroad.
Due to legal restrictions, we accept Turkish donations via our Turkish bank account and foreign donations via our UK bank account.
Donations are used for trail maintenance work, work in preparing trail conservation requests and research on new trails. Since our regular income is only sufficient to support our office and staff, we rely on donations from supporters to keep the trails you use in good condition and to challenge developers seeking to encroach on the trails.

Bank transfer in Turkey:

Kültür Rotaları Derneği. QNBFinansbank, Aksu, Antalya.  IBAN: TR890011100000000064468792 

Membership and regular contributions


TL120 per year
Potential members living in Turkey should complete the membership form. You will be brought to a payment page after completion.


Foreigners, who feel an affinity for our work and wish to support us regularly, can become honorary members.

Member privileges:

All members receive an invitation to our annual meetings. Except for honorary members, all can vote on any resolutions. They get a 3-monthly report on our activities and can attend our informal meetings. All members have the right to stay in the office in Antalya and to use our books and computers.

Members can sell their books or advertise their tours or accommodation on the society websites or though the iPhone applications. Members can buy books at a discount and can share our facilities at tourism fairs.