Welcome to the Carian Trail

Where the Med and the Aegean meet


The Carian Trail is an 800 km long distance walking path exploring Southwest Turkey through the modern provinces of Muğla and Aydın. The trail is named after the Carian civilization. On route you will discover a region rich in ancient ruins and history. Stone paved caravan roads and mule paths connect villages from the coast to a mountainous hinterland. Pine forest cloaks the mountain slopes whilst olive terraces and almond groves are an important part of the region’s economy.

The trail accesses a lesser known and unspoiled region that is full of colour and tradition for all to enjoy. The trail is signed and waymarked according to international standards allowing both independent and group travellers to hike and enjoy the scenic beauty and cultural treasures of Caria. A guidebook and a map is available, which gives the best detailed information about the route and region.

Swim in turquoise waters from deserted beaches, climb through pine scented forests to discover ancient ruins, look out over a dramatic coastline across to the Greek islands of the South Aegean. Rare mountain goats still roaming the remote forests of the Datca peninsula, boat building in Bozburun, Neolithic cave paintings of the Bafa region, traditional village carpets woven by village girls; all this and more awaits the hiker in search of new adventure…