A volunteer group works on the trails in April – May each year

Groups of volunteers accompanied by a leader work in teams to clear paths and re-mark the trails. The work is hard and dirty and you have to be fit. In 2017 we ran a project on the Lycian way to extend the path network around Demre area in conjunction with our Gelecek Turizm project, called An historical stop on the Lycian Way’. 8 volunteers worked on this project for a month, clearing some new trails, preparing a place for a landing stage, rerouting other trails and helping with work on restoring a village building for use as a cafe.

Genctur organises these volunteer groups to work on our trails.

If you want to volunteer, first contact Gençtur and see if their existing programs are suitable for you.  If not, contact us directly.

Individual trail volunteers

If you are an experienced trekker, preferably with trail-marking experience, and you want to come with a friend, we can arrange for you to mark a trail as you walk.

If you are a photographer or film-maker and would like to help us by documenting your trek, please also contact us.



Interns and volunteers (Office work)

We often have volunteers working in our office, either via the EU Erasmus scheme or via Workaway. We are specially interested in people with marketing / web experience and skills and people with mapping skills or skills with smart-phone applications. If you can translate from English to Russian, there is plenty to do!  Generally we like people to stay at least a month.

Sometimes we need volunteers to help with practical stuff like cooking or cleaning, painting or gardening. Our office is a fun place where you will make friends of different nationalities.

For more volunteer information, visit our Workaway page. If you don’t have a Workaway account, let us know of your interest to volunteer here.