Web Sales:

Trekking in Turkey – the publishers’ website. The books are despatched from Turkey to anywhere in the world.

The Turkish translation of the guidebook, Evliya Çelebi Yolu, can be bought from Trekking in Turkey as well.

Cordee (UK) –  Booksellers in the UK and Europe can order stock from Cordee. They also have an online mail order service for everyone.

Cornucopia Magazine – The guidebook can also be ordered online from this magazine.

Retail Sales in Turkey:

The guidebook is sold at Eren Yayıncılık and other Istanbul bookshops.

Map and GPS

The guidebook contains a helpful map. GPS waypoint and track files for walkers and horseriders can be downloaded here in both .kml and .gpx format. Bikers may combine these files as convenient.

Make sure you check the Route Updates before you set out.

Click on the links you need, and the files will download to your desktop:

Walkers: the GPS files for walkers have been updated (January 2015), and split geographically.

The first four files run from the start of the Way at Hersek to Köprüören (Kütahya), with a break for the flat and endless Yenişehir plain. There is a second break after Kütahya, where we recommend walkers omit the Altıntaş plain between Kütahya and Afyon; and we have not walked the Afyon-Uşak section ourselves, so that is also omitted. These breaks are clarified in the guidebook. Walkers who wish to walk these sections should refer to the relevant horseriders tracks and waypoints.

The second four files run from Mesudiye (Uşak) to the end of the Way at Kalkan (Simav).

Horseriders: the horseriders’ files are little changed (but see some updates on the Route Updates page), and cover the Way from start (Hersek) to end (Kalkan). Horseriders need only general directions to find their way; it is impossible for them to follow detailed written directions and waypoints on horseback!