Küre Mountains GPS and Trails

GPS coordinates of the trails can be downloaded from the following links;

Best Trails

Every part of the park is beautiful and wild. Especially in October – November, the leaves colour up with glorious colour.

The best parts are Poyracık, Azdavay and Ilıca waterfalls, Çatak, Valla and Şehriban canyons, Sorkun and Kokurdan yaylas, Nalbantoğlu, Zümrüt Village and Ağlı Castle areas, known for the views, and local characteristics of the routes.

7 day recommended route

  1. Day : Azdavay Başdeğirmen Şelalesi-Yanık Ali Konağı (17 km)

Stay at Yanık Ali Konağı

  1. Day : Yanık Ali Konağı-Medil Mağarası-Çatak Kanyonu-Nalbantoğlu (10 km)

Stay at Nalbantoğlu’nda village house or camp

  1. Day : Nalbantoğlu-Ilıca Şelalesi (12 km)

Stay at Ilıca Köyü tesisler

  1. Day : Ilıca Şelalesi-Valla Mahallesi (11 km)

Stay in a village house in Vallavillage

  1. Day : Valla Kanyonu-Sümenler  (10 km)

Stay in the National Park  Top Meydanı (camp)

  1. Day : Sümenler-Ilgarini Mağarası-Sorkun Yaylası (10 km)

Camp at Sorkun Yayla

  1. Day : Sorkun Yaylası-Menük (Cide) (7 km)

Transfer and return from Cide