Phrygian Way Accommodation

On the trekking route accommodations are available at the village halls as well as the family pensions in many of those villages and in Ayazini Town. Along the route there are many camping sites.

Accommodation is available in guest houses in some villages; there are also plenty of camp sites. If you would like to have a comfortable accommodation there are also thermal resort (Gazlıgöl) near the trail.

Midas Han:

Nihal Temuçin-Czichon & Ben Claasz Coockson –
Tel:0 533 484 6863 – 0 532 788 4718

Frig Evi – Sabuncupınar (Route 2, Route-2.2)

Ahmet Demirel
Cep: 0 532 527 1154
0 506 235 3161