Via Egnatia Accommodation

The Caravan Journey 2010 consisted this year of two parts: in May we walked in Greece from Krystallopigi (at the Albanian border) to Florina – this is a sidetrack of VE – and from there to Edessa. In June-July we walked (and bussed) from Thessaloniki to Istanbul. The group changed a little every week or two weeks. During our Caravan  we camped, stayed in hotels and slept in schools or peoples’ houses. In the main towns hotels are available. Camping is largely unrestricted in Turkey but where possible sites for camping are near a village or town, please ask for permission to camp, to get water etc. Ask at the nearest bar, where someone will be able to help you.


During the Caravan Walk 2 from April 25 – May 8 2011 the Via Egnatia Hiking Trail has been marked from Elbasan to Lake Ohrid, a stretch of about 80 km. It is a beautiful route that follows the Via Egnatia through the mountains, with breathtaking views on the valley of the Skumbin river.

A group of some VEF members and 10 economy students of the University of Elbasan walked the route and painted the signs on trees and rocks. People in the small villages welcomed the walkers with great hospitality. Quite a few of these villages have actually been stations along the Via. It has been long since these villages used to welcome foreign travellers to stay overnight.