Via Egnatia Book, Map & GPS

Via Egnatia on Foot

A  Journey into History From Dürres to Thesaloniki (with car travel tips)

Available from the Via Egnatia Foundation

A walk through the BalkansWhat has this 2000 year old road been through? In whose footsteps you followThe Via Egnatia as a mirror of historyYou can find remains from the RomanByzantine and Ottoman periodsMosques and mosaicsbath houses and churchesruins of ancient Roman stations.On the basis of what you encounter you will go deeply in the fascinating history of the Balkans. You hike through a beautiful and varied landscapeThehospitable people are waiting to welcome you to this cultural pilgrimageA book that opens up a world for you. Even for those who do not walk, but drive a car, there are special routes described to the highlights from the roadAnd for those who prefer ‘walking inthe spirit’, the vast cultural and historical part of the book remains interesting.

This 256 page guide book contains a step by step description of the route (475km), 30 detailed topographic maps, 7 city maps with city walks and GPS coordinates and a lot of pictures.
Ample attention is given to history, backgrounds, practical information and useful hints.
A table of commonly used words in Albanian, Macedonian and Greek is included.

Via Egnatia is part of the pilgrim’s route Rome – Jerusalem.