Yenice Forest Trail Books, GPS and routes

Turkish and English guidebooks containing maps, descriptions and GPS coordinates of every trail have been published. To receive the guidebook, send an e-mail message with your address to

You can also find an electronic copy of the Turkish version at

GPS coordinates of the trails can be downloaded from here.

The best routes

There are three categories of route to suit all types of visitor in Yenice Forest: short easy paths; 4-6 hour day walks; 2-6 day long routes.

The longest route is between the City forest and the Arboreturm, and takes 5 days to walk 77 km. This path takes you through a variety of terrain and introduces you to all the features of the forest, small lakes, yaylas, monumental trees, and the Arboreturm. Also between Kızılkaya and Karakaya is a 63km route which shows you the best features of the large and small Seker canyons.

Best short trails

  • Subatan Yayla-Arboretum
  • Sorgun Yayla-Keltepe Summit-Eğriova Karabük Lake
  • Eğriova Eskipazar Lake-Sorgun Yayla
  • İncebacaklar-Şeker Canyon (upper track)-Kent Forest
  • Kent Forest-Şekermeşe

7 day recommended route

  1. Day : İncebacaklar Köyü-Şekermeşe (14 km) Camp in Şekermeşe old forest
  1. Day : Şekermeşe-Meyri-Eğriova Eskipazar (Yalakkuz) Göleti (15 km) Camp beside the small lake
  1. Day : Eğriova Eskipazar Göleti-Sorgun Yaylası (17 km) Camp at the yayla
  1. Day : Sorgun Yaylası-Keltepe zirve-Eğriova Karabük Göleti (12 km) Camp beside the small lake
  1. Day : Eğriova Göleti Karabük-Subatan Yaylası (12 km) Camp at the yayla
  1. Day : Subatan Yaylası-Arboretum (7 km) See the monumental tree and camp at the old forestry office
  1. Day : Arboretum-Kuzluk Köyü (7 km) Return via the Yenice – Karabük road.