St Paul Trail Route Updates

December 2019

A volunteer team carried out the waymarking on the route from Perge (Aksu) to Sütçüler in November 2019. If you do not see waymarks at these points, you can follow GPS tracks.

– In the Kurşunlu Waterfall area and in the ancient city of Pednelisos, you should be careful about finding waymarks and use GPS. After Haskızılören, the route that runs along the slope is connected to the forest road. From this point, the signs may not be enough until the descent into the riverbed before the Yıldız Village.(Almost 9km) Sometimes you should use GPS.

– New signposts were set up along the Yalvaç – Eğirdir – Tota Plateau route.

– Trekking in Turkey application and GPS tracks have been updated.

Latest Updates

A new edition of the book was issued in June 2013. We have now stopped updates for the previous edition. The major changes in this edition are as follows:

West Branch:

– change of route at the start to follow the aqueduct from Perge to Kurşunlu, and to take the route off the road from Kurşunlu to the regulator. This change has not been waymarked.

– Change of route leading into Pednelissos (to follow a Roman road) and out of Pednelissos (following a Roman road) to Pinargözü and Haskızılören.

– major alternative route after the climb Çandır – Çuruk. At Çuruk the route divides – a new alternative runs into the canyon, crosses it to Kutu (via Roman road) and goes to Sütçüler via Müezzinler.

– minor improvements between Sütçüler and Adada

-Kurşunlu – Akçapinar:  There is an alternative crossing place 3km N of the regulator. Follow the bank to the N and find a bridge. On the east (Akçapinar) side, follow a dirt road uphill to a canal. Turn R and follow it to Akçapinar. It takes 4 hrs from the regulator to Akçapinar.

-Haskızılören – Çandır: A new stone quarry has been opened and is working all night as well as day, so the place is noisy and dusty. Do not plan to camp here. The quarry on the road between Haskızılören and Çandır has spread over the road and made walking difficult.  It’s possible to follow the river below the road as far as Yıldız. Between points 2218 and 2236.

-Adada – Sipahiler: Someone has dumped a load of rubbish (pesticide bottles, household waste, etc) in the river bed. Use the route un the W side of the river as described in the book.

East Branch:

– deletion of the section between Aspendos and the Roman bridge after Beşkonak; the route now starts here. (necessary because of damage after a forest fire which burned most of that section)

– alternative route between Çaltepe – Değirmenözü – Çukurca along the river, cutting out the difficult section over Hopbilla tepesi. The old route remains in use.

-Değirmenözü: Work for the hydroelectric station on and around the bridge may cause you problems. If necessary, you can cross the river by wading, best below the village.

-Kasımlar – Kesme: Missing way marks. Use the app here until we rewaymark the route.

-Kasımlar – Tota: the route now runs along the ridge and descends to Tota. forest roads around the church have destroyed waymarks and made it difficult to find the route. Use the app here until we rewaymark the route.

North Branch:

– Sipahiler – Y. Gökdere. a new alternative runs from Askerpınar straight to Kovada and around the head of the lake to Kırıntı (accommodation at Kırıntı).

– Minor changes after Y Gökdere to keep the route out of the National Park at the request of the National Parks. Why, we don’t know!

– Minor reroute on the descent to Eğirdir.

– New route from Bedre to Bağören via the old İsparta road.

– alternative route from Bağören to Barla – either around Kaymaz Dağı or direct via a Roman road.

Apart from the first, all these changes are waymarked. All are on the i-phone app and in use.

Please report any problems.

Crossing the Lake

If you want to turn up at Mustafa’s place unannounced, no problem. However, if you want to make sure that Mustafa is available to take you across the lake, please ring İbrahim at the Lale Pension on 05422417213.