St Paul Trail Transport

*Update:December 2019


Antalya has a modern airport handling 10 million passengers per year, only 12km E of the city. A bus link (Bus 600/800 or Havaş buses) goes from the domestic terminal to the city and bus station every half hour, calling briefly at Terminal 1. If you come into Terminal 2, take a taxi to domestic. Taxi to city centre currently about 70 TL.

Isparta has a small airport with scheduled flights (THY) several times per week to Istanbul.


Turkish Airlines/Anadolu Jet (THY): International flights from many cities on all continents to Istanbul or Ankara; onward flights to all internal airports.

Pegasus Airlines: International flights from European and Russian destinations Antalya. Connecting flights to 18 internal airports.

Sun Express: International flights from Germany, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria (all year around), Norway, Sweden to Antalya. Internal flights from Antalya.

Air Berlin: German airports to Antalya.

Onur Air: International flights from Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Spain, UAE, UK to Antalya and Dalaman.

Atlas Jet: International flights from Istanbul to London, Manchester, and Balkan and Middle East destinations. Many internal flights from Istanbul to Antalya / Dalaman.

Easyjet: UK Gatwick to Antalya; Bristol, Manchester, Gatwick, Stansted to Dalaman; Freiburg/Basle to Antalya.

Corendon: Amsterdam to Antalya and Dalaman. Other Dutch, German and Belgian airports to Antalya.

Long-distance Buses:

The overnight and all-day intercity buses run on time, are clean and well serviced and are comparatively cheap. On public holidays or in peak season buses book up. The buses stop every 4 hours at service stations where you can buy food; light refreshments and water are served on the bus.

Antalya bus terminal is 5km N of the city, but small city-centre shops sell tickets and offer a shuttle bus service; alternatively book on line and take the tram. Isparta has two bus terminals – one for long-distance (on the bypass) and another for local services in the town – local buses run between them. Yalvaç has a bus terminal outside town.

Local Buses:

Antalya – Serik for Beşkonak, Selge and Çaltepe

Leaves Antalya otogar every 15 minutes during day, stopping at the pedestrian bridge by TEDAŞ on the coast road; returns at similar frequency from Serik otogar. There are daily dolmuş services from Serik to Beşkonak, Selge and Çaltepe (at around 1pm. except Sunday); they leave from the Cınaraltı café at a roundabout in the town centre.
A dolmuş leaves Çaltepe at 6.30 3 days per week and goes to Kestanelik, Ballibucak and Delisarnıç before continuing to Antalya.


Antalya – Aksu for Perge

A municipal bus (AC03) runs on 100yıl Bulvarı and the airport road every 15 minutes during the day; returns at similar frequency from under the overpass bridge in Aksu. From the airport, you can take the Antalya tram system (directly opposite the terminals) to ‘yonca kavşağı’ stop; change there to the ‘Expo’ tram, which takes you to central Aksu traffic lights/overpass. The site is signed from Aksu traffic lights.

Antalya – Gebiz for Akçapınar. Leaves Antalya otogar hourly and stops on the coast road under a pedestrian bridge (‘cırnık’ tram junction). You could take a tram from the airport to this stop and change to the Gebiz bus. Change at Gebiz for a local dolmuş to Akçapınar; it runs several times per day.

Antalya – Pinargözü

A daily bus leaves Pinargözü at 6 am and stops at Hasgebe ford en route to Antalya. It leaves Antalya at 1.30 pm from a side street N of the Meydan Kavşağı.

Antalya – Yalvaç for Antioch in Pisidia

Leaves Antalya otogar daily at 4pm, or you can go at other times via Isparta; returns at 6.30am. Yalvaç otogar is southwest of the centre; Antioch is 2km north of the centre.

Antalya – Isparta

Leaves Antalya otogar several times per day (several companies run on this route); return from Isparta main otogar.

Antalya – Sütçüler

Leaves Antalya otogar once per day and returns at similar frequency from Sütçüler otogar; some buses pass through Çandır. Tandoğan Turizm – Durmuş Tandoğan: 0533 492 67 44 Hasan Tandoğan: 0532 347 12 15
Sütçüler office: 0246 351 20 17- 351 21 84

Antalya – Kozan junction – Pınargözü

One bus daily at 1pm, returning 6am; leaves from a side-road 100m N of the Meydan roundabout, returns from Pınargözü shop; not Sundays.

Isparta – Eğirdir – Yalvaç

Leaves Isparta köy garajı at 06:45, 08:00, 09:00, 10:00, 11:00, 11:30, 12:00, 12:30, 13:00, 13:30, 14:00, 14:30, 15:00, 15:30, 16:00, 16:30, 17:00, 17:30, 18:00, 18:30, 20:00 and last bus 22:00 stopping on Egirdir main road half an hour later. Another service runs at 9.30, 12.15, 14.15, 16.00 and 18.30. Return buses depart from Yalvaç bus station at 06:00, 06:30, 07:00,
Y 07:00, 08:00, 08:30, 09:00, 09:30, 10:00, 10:30, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:30, 20:00.

Isparta: 10- 55 Yalvac: 0.246.441.50 23-0.246.441.78 78

Isparta – Eğirdir – Sipahiler – Sütçüler

Some departures go via Kırıntı and Karadiken, thus giving access to Yukarı Gökdere. All stop at Eğirdir, by the chemists on the road S out of town.
Sütçüler-Isparta starting times: 07:00, 09:30, 12:15, 14:00, 16:00 (Eğirdir – Sipahiler – Sağrak – Boğazköy – Sütçüler)

06:15, 08:30, 17:15 (Karadiken Üzerinden: Eğirdir – Yukarı Gökdere – Kırıntı – Boğazköy – Sütçüler)

Isparta-Sütçüler starting times:08:15, 10:30, 14:00, 16:30, 18:30 (from Köy Garaj).

Isparta Otogar: 0246 223 44 85
Sutculer: 0246 351 27 07

Isparta – Eğirdir – Çandir via the Kovada road

Leaves Isparta köy garajı at 13.30 daily. Stops on Egirdir main road around 14.30. Returns from the junction near the Forestry office in Çandir at 6.00 am.

Isparta – Eğirdir – Kasımlar

Leaves Isparta local otogar at 1.30pm daily; 3.00 on Sundays and stops on Eğirdir main road going S. Returns at 6.00am from the square in Kasımlar (not Sundays).

Isparta – Eğirdir – Kesme

Leaves Isparta local otogar at 2.30pm daily except Sundays and stops on Eğirdir main road going S. Returns at 6.00am from the petrol station in Kesme. 0.554.863.80 20

Isparta – Eğirdir – Yükarı Gökdere – Kırıntı – Çandır

Leaves Isparta local otogar at 1.30pm daily and stops on Eğirdir main road going S. Returns from the junction near the Forestry office in Çandır at 6.00am.

Isparta – Barla (not via Eğirdir)

Leaves Isparta köy garajı at 07:45, 14:30 and 17:30, returns at 06:45, 09:00 and 16:00.

İsparta – Ayvalıpinar via Eğirdir – Ağilkoy – Yuvalı – Pazarköy
15.30 from İsparta, 7.30 from Ayvalı

Bus-stops are shown on the i-phone and android application, “Trekking in Turkey”.