Lycian Way Route Updates

New routes around Üçağız – Demre

Major changes around this area, as a result of work done by volunteer waymarkers in April-May 2017. Signposts have not yet been erected.

-Üçağız – Kapaklı: Route changed to go through the ruins of İstlada, where there are graves and a church.

-Kapaklı (sea): Newly marked route to a small beach where you can swim (1.5km detour)

-Kapaklı – Hoyran: Route through the village centre and up the Roman road to Hoyran village.

-Kapaklı – Andriake: The original Lycian Way along the coast to Andriake and Demre.

-Hoyran Ruins:  The volunteers have cleared the ruins so that you can walk around them and to the acropolis  with amazing views (no waymarks yet but on iphone app)

-Hoyran – Davazlar:  Trysa junction. Through open fields and various ruins.

-Trysa – Gürses – Myra: With a detour to the ruins of Trysa, a level route through oak forest, meeting the main just above Gurses. Then it runs north of the main road to the Myra acropolis and down steps to the theatre.

-There is no dolmuş (shared taxi) from Andriake to Demre centre.  Andriake Camping will organize a taxi.

Update on fake waymarks

There are two places on the route where you could encounter fake waymarks.

First, between Kaş and Boğazcık, don’t be deterred by any signs or hassle around the Purple House – just walk straight past. And at Boğazcık, look out for fake marks designed to direct you to Ali’s pension in the village.

Also in Beycik. Here two competing cafes regularly re-mark the route to bring customers to their door. Keep west of the village, and take care especially when walking up from the sea, or you could find yourself toiling up a long stretch of tarmac.

Camping on Tahtalı slopes

Above Yukarı Beycik, on the slopes of Tahtalı, Emre has set up a stand selling drinks and snacks (at high prices).
There isn’t a better campsite higher up, and no water either, so better to camp BEFORE the yayla or stay in Beycik.

Nadir’s House is closed

Nadir’s House in Göynük Yaylası is closed due to his unexpected demise.

End of the route – Elmayanı – Hisarçandır – Geyikbayırı

The dirt road from Elmayanı to Hisarçandır will shortly be surfaced. Turn right at the pass at Elmayanı and follow the marked path to Üçsöğüt Yaylası. Here you can turn left/west and continue down a river valley to Hisarçandır. There is also a new path marked yellow-red to Gedeller and from there to the bus garage at Sarısu, on the main road west of Antalya.

(This route is part of the Konyaaltı Trails. You can find a copy of their map at this link)

The Lycian Way continues across the Çandır river valley to Çitdibi and from there over a pass and pst the ruins of Typalia and Trebenna to Geyikbayırı (famous for its climbing walls).

There are buses from Antalya intercity bus station to Geyikbayırı and Çağlarca 3 times per day.

521A / at 6am, 12.30 pm, 17.30 pm; returning roughly one hour later.

501 goes every half-hour to Akdamlar, from where you may be able to get a lift.