For trekkers about to set out on the Lycian Way or other trails in Turkey, one thing that you’ll quickly get used to is waking up to Turkish breakfast every morning.  For those used to their cereal, oatmeal, croissants or specialty coffees, this will be a bit of a change, but you will quickly begin enjoying and looking forward to it.

You will start out with a nice warm cup of tea and gaze out at an assortment of treats to eat.  Usually there will be a creamy cheese, fresh Turkish bread, butter, boiled or scrambled eggs, tomatoes, honey, yogurt, olives, jam, fruit and some raw seasonal vegetables. Sometimes you may even be lucky enough to get sucuk (dried Turkish sausage) added to the mix.  Assembling the choices before you into bite-sized combinations is always a fun experience.  For trekkers, it will give you the energy you need to get your day off to a healthy and nutritious start.  You’ll find you start settling into a new breakfast routine that you may even take with you back home.

For trekkers who want an early start to the day, it is best to advise your guesthouse owner about this the night before so they can make sure that you have a hearty breakfast before you set out.

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