One of the great benefits of trekking in Turkey is the opportunity to savour one of the most amazing cuisines on earth. With the Arab world to the southeast, Persia to the east, the Caucuses to the northeast, the Black Sea (with Russia and Ukraine on the other side) to the north, Eastern Europe to the west and the Mediterranean to the south (with Cyprus and North Africa on the other side), there are an incredible range of flavours that have been integrated into traditional Turkish food across the country.  Traditional Turkish cuisine itself is comprised of countless regional specialties which integrate local seasonal ingredients. The culinary delights are only limited by the size of your stomach and the length of your visit.

Trekking the Gastronomy Route is one way to experience this, but great food exists on all trails throughout the country. We will occasionally add posts to this blog highlighting different dishes that you will find along the trails. If you would like to learn more though, please check out the following links:

27 Dishes To Try in Turkey

The Food Page of the Turkish Tourism Ministry

The Turkish Cuisine page of the Turkish Cultural Foundation


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