Our latest minidoc explains the stories behind the hiking routes in both Turkey & South Korea and how the Friendship Trail concept was born, with interviews made with the President of Jeju Olle Foundation, Myung Sook Suh from South Korea and the Manager of Culture Routes Society, Hüseyin Eryurt.

Friendship Trails Minidoc

Natalia on Sufi Trail / From İstanbul to Konya
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Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe / Routes4U Program
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Who are we?

Who are we?

ornament1We are a small Turkish not-for-profit society. Our members make and maintain long distance walking, biking and horse-riding routes. The society protects old roads, markets Turkish culture routes and helps villagers along the routes benefit from them.

Committee and Members

ornament1Our committee includes the creators of the finest walking routes in Turkey. Our members include trekking guides, travel agencies, accommodation providers, archaeologists, historians, nature-lovers and people interested in Turkish village culture.

Products and Services

ornament1To help you use our routes, we produce and sell guide-books, maps and iphone apps. We also list all our member agencies tours on the site (see tours) and will advise you about your adventure by mail, by phone or at our drop-in centre in Antalya .

Practical Ways to Help

ornament1The society relies on help from enthusiastic volunteers either with individual projects or in our office. Read more about our how you can help. If you like our work and want to contribute, you can become a member or make a donation.

Upcoming Events

What's new?

In army cadets; I was the biggest whiner when it came to weekend excursions that required strenuous expeditions in southwestern Ontario; often with freezing temperatures and long marches. I could not fathom the concept on why I had voluntarily signed up as we had to go into the ‘bush’ to learn survival techniques; with mediocre…

At the annual conference of the European Institute of Cultural Routes in Görlitz, the Council of Europe announced the ongoing programme to promote the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe in four different regions of eastern and south-eastern Europe. These are: Baltic Sea; Danube Basin; Alpine and Adriatic – Ionian areas. The last group,  also…

http://our-wanderlust.com/2018/05/lycian-way-likya-yolu-turkey-part-1/#more-1974 The Likya Yolu is a mythic and ancient way; a 500 kilometre walk around the Teke Peninsula on old roads and tracks, past traces of Lycian, Greek and Roman civilisations, following turquoise fringed beaches, through coastal villages and high up into the rugged Taurus Mountains. A ferry from Rhodes and a day in Fethiye…

World Trails Network Magazine Issue No.4 is released! You can find the following articles in this issue: “Discovering Old Roads For New Trails In Turkey” words by Kevin de Sousa “Lycian Way Trails Projects Promote Community Improvement” words by Kate Clow & Hüseyin Eryurt. Click to read more articles about international trails such as; Camino de…

The first annual Demre-Kekova Outdoor and Nomad Cuisine Festival was organized in Kapaklı Village on October 27-29th, with the leadership of Kapaklı-Hoyran Culture Tourism and Development Society.  On the opening day, protocol and village residents and tourists were present. Each day represented a different focus: hiking, canoeing (including a boat tour) and a bicycle tour….

On October 7-8th, the opening ceremony of Miyagi Olle was held in Miyagi Prefecture in the North of Japan. In addition to two sections, 20 kms in total, eight more sections will be added in coming years. The project aims to help local people recover from the 2011 tsunami disaster by creating a sustainable tourism…

The 8th Annual Advisory Forum on Cultural Routes was held in Görlitz, Germany between September 26-29th. The theme of the 2018 Annual Advisory Forum on Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe was, “Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe Connecting Cultural Values, Heritage Sites and Citizens: Strategies and Synergies in a Global Perspective“. During the…

The 6th bi-annual World Trails Network Conference was organized in Santiago de Compostela, Spain this year from September 26-29th. The conference was attended by over 200 participants from 38 countries and sponsored by Galicia region. Worldwide trail builders, organizations, professionals, tourism representatives and local authority were present. Best practices from around the world were shared…