Lycian Way

Route Updates

Updates to 2008 book (3rd edition) sections 22-25

Warning: We have now discontinued the updates on the 2nd edition.

SECTION 22a Waymarked Spring 2009.

It is possible to walk straight through the site of Phaselis from the Sundance Camp. At the end of the beach N of Sundance, either 1)take the marked path over the hilltop and enter the site under a pine tree on the fence on the S side of the site, or 2)paddling occasionally in the sea, circle the foot of the headland and arrive on the Phaselis beach. It’s just possible to do this with boots on and not get too wet!

Exit Phaselis by taking a path R from the road, just after it leaves the beach area. Follow this rising through scrub and gradually circle the N beach, keeping 50-100m from the beach. Where you see a solitary tree on a rock outcrop, look out for marks on rocks and turn L to cross the peninsula to the far side. Descend toward a small inlet and climb the far side to the clifftops. Here is a clear path descending to a beach where boats are moored. Pass various graves, pass through the wire and reach the beach.

Walk inland towards the road on a dirt road. Roadworks in progress make climbing out and crossing the road a bit difficult. Turn R and cross the road to the LW sign at the end of the crash barrier. Here continue on dirt road which rises and circles L across a valley head. As it rises to the top of the hill, bear R onto a second track.

The section through Kuzdere has been improved.

After you descend the side ridge to the orange orchard at Kuzdere, you turn L to a signpost. At the signpost, turn L on dirt road along a stream  to a concrete bridge. Cross to the far side and bear R on a track entering woodland. At a junction, cross a track and turn L. Follow a path parallel and above the track to woodland above a large grassy area where bees are kept. Keep R of the bee area and climb marked paths uphill to meet a main path. Turn L and  follow this path along a hillside, bear R with a streambed below L, continue over a pass and down to meet a track. Turn R and in 100m come to a three-way junction of tracks. Bear R on a track with orchards on the L. At a second grassy area bear L and continue on another track with orchards on the L. Continue to a stream crossing, bear L along the stream, cross it and immediately take a short rising path R to the entrance of a road at some abandoned houses. Turn R and walk out to the asphalt. Turn L towards Aslanbuçak, the Kemer Gorge and the Roman Bridge.


SECTION 23a and 24a and 25a Way marked spring 2009.

P84 3rd edition. We have completely re-marked and changed the course of route from the main road at Ulupinar to Yayla Kuzdere, but locals have interfered with the marking. At all times keep to the marked path on the Left/W of Beycik. If you want to go down to the village and pensions, take a right marked path.

From the signpost above the Havuzbasi Restaurant (which is the best restaurant), follow asphalt R to the Park Restaurant; just after the restaurant turn L/up and then R along the lower edge of fields. At a junction of 2 paths, turn L and follow a path up to the main road. (15 mins) Cross the road; the route resumes alongside a wire fence – follow it up to the village road (5 mins). Turn R and walk about 2k along the village road; turn L onto a rising forest track; keep R at a junction by a fence. Continue to the stream and huge plane trees above the village (1 hr 30 mins), where the track is blocked by a gate. Pass through the gate and cross terraces upwards to another small gate in the far fence. Through the gate, walk up a narrow overgrown valley to forest road (15 mins).

Turn L and walk up hairpins to a pass behind a rocky outcrop, then descend NE, still on forest road to circle the valley head. The road rises and you cross several stream beds. At the point where it starts descending again a good, level G2 goat path leads off left (30 mins).

Follow this, passing a bouldery section to reach meadows with small goat shelters (10min). The path now climbs gently, after 50m it swings L, here turn L and continue more steeply up a G1 trail through a rocky section to a fine view point. Join a G5 track which leads through a rocky defile into the forest with fine views of Tahtali directly ahead. After 200m, as the track starts descending through the forest, turn L on a G1 trail which gently gains height to reach a higher G6 road. (30 mins) Cross this to a G2 path that after 200m reaches terraced meadows. Keep to the left edge of these; the trail becomes G1. It enters woodland, levels out and reaches a tarmac road on a bend. Turn R and after 50m turn off L (the road to the R leads down to upper Beycik mosque where there is a small shop and restaurants). Continue for 200m along this road to the Rivera Restaurant (camping available) (40 mins). The track comes to an end in another 30m, turn L, then R through a gate. Continue along a wall and steeply up to a gate and tarmac road. Turn R and in 50m reach the main road leading R/down to Upper Beycik mosque/shop/restaurants or L/up to Mount Olympos (10 mins).

Alternatively, at the junction with the road you can turn L and circle to top of Beycik to a watertank. From the tank is a horizontal path which rejoins the Lycian Way above the village. This alternative avoids losing height and takes you to the campsite.

P 116 Route from Beycik to Ovacik via Tahtali Saddle. Para 1 ..five hundred metres to a fork and signpost. Turn L onto G5 track then L again. Cross a junction to another G5 track running horizontally. Turn R towards a clear-cut area and cross a stile next to a gate (25 mins). Continue 200m then turn L up a shallow gully. Approaching the trees again, climb the L bank and find a stile in the wire fence. Cross this and resume the old track. It runs through mature woodland, crosses the gully and rises with a deeper gully on the R. Soon you turn R at a rocky outcrop…

P118 para 2…

At the signpost in Yayla Kuzdere, turn up on the L of the modern house (this is a home pension) and pass through a gate. The path crosses a ditch and continues R/level, above a fenced area then on undulating G5 track. Forestry work is in progress here and the waymarking is probably damaged. Keep on the horizontal track  to the junction with a tree, ignoring side tracks. Continue 300m to a L turn and 

follow this track downhill, round a R bend then parallel with a stream, over a bridge and R at a junction. It continues downhill to pass the castle and huge plane trees at Gedelme and continue to the Caner restaurant.

P89 Past the water tank, the road continues rising, swinging R through pines, crossing several landslips as well as 5 streams as it circles the valley head. Severe path collapse here. After the last one…


The second part of this section has been recently bulldozed and is not such a pleasant walk. In addition mining operations have resumed at Maden beach and large trucks are using a track wich leads inland from Maden to the main road.

We are actively looking for a diversion.


Page 94 Follow the road over a stream and turn R, parallel with the water. Soon after veer L and follow waymarks to the R side of a level area with beehives. Follow the path across a stream bed then climb on very indistinct path to meet a G3 horizontal path running across a hillside. Turn L and follow this over a pass and bearing R towards the main forest track. Turn R and rejoin the Lycian Way. Ignore the first L turn but take the 2nd L turn towards a sitting platform….

SECTION 26 The Forestry Ministry have leased out the Göynük Valley to a company which is running a sort of forest park in the gorge. If you intend continuing up Section 24, this is no problem. You will see their pools and cafe at the bottom of the valley near the junction. However, if you want to stay in Göynük, you have to pass through their gate and they may charge you a fee for leaving or re-entering. If you arrive after they have shut, there is no obvious exit to Göynük. However, if you retrace your steps to the water channel and continue towards the sea along this, you can exit the valley without going through their gate.

SECTION 27 There’s a bridge over the side-stream before the route turns into the side-gorge.

No reported change. There is now a bus which goes from Antalya to Hısarçandır

515 Gürsu-Sarısu-Hisarçandır (between 07.00-16.00 this bus goes twice )
From Antalya: Gürsu Aktarma Merkezi-1.Cd-Boğaçay Cd-Altınyaka Yolu-Hisarcandır
Return: Hisarcandır-Altınyaka Yolu-Boğaçay Cd-1.Cd-Gürsu Aktarma Merkezi.

Gursu is the bus stop east of the major bridge over the river west of Antalya (not the coast bridge, the inland one). Bus no 6, amongst others, runs frequently from here right across the city.

Updates to the 2008 (3rd edition) book sections 16-21

Warning: We have now stopped issuing updates on the 2nd edition. The 3rd edition has an improved map and we recommend that you buy it.

SECTION 16 Waymarked spring 2009. The bridge across the river at Sura is now repaired (somewhat). We recommend that you cross the bridge and stay at the campsite or a pension in Andriake. But note that the campsite may overcharge you for a taxi to Myra.

If you cross the bridge and continue to Andriake, you will not use this following section. We have left it in for reference and because we want to develop a new route in this area. Crossing place to corner above Sura: Our route turns left at the bridge and climb the Grade 2 hairpin track across open hillside, then into trees and through a shallow valley. It reaches a valley head with a huge carob tree. Climb a low wall under the tree and continue straight upwards across open fields to reach a G5 tractor track leading diagonally L/upwards to the main asphalt road. Turn right onto the road and walk 1.5km to the valley head. (Bridge to bend at valley head 1 hr 10 mins.)

P 88, para 2-5. Corner above Sura to Myra: Where the cliffs break on the R bend, there is an old road running up in hairpins. Climb up the R of the stream bed onto the road. After a few minutes cross L and continue up the valley. Recross the stream bed (includes some boulder hopping) and walk up the G4 hairpins which were the original road. In places the road has collapsed and the new route climbs steeply on G1 goat path to cut-off the fallen sections. Crossing an area of mud-slip on this section could be tricky in wet weather. The route here is well-shaded in most places by overhanging trees. After a prominent rock wall the route, now G3, re-crosses to the L of the stream. It returns to the R and climbs on hairpins up the R valley side, emerging onto a level hilltop. (Bend to hilltop 1 hr 20 mins)

Just past the hilltop is the old road, now a clear G4 track, rising gently, widening and passing beneath shade trees. The new main road is visible high up, crossing the head of the valley; it has destroyed this old road. Past the trees, turn R/up on G2 path which rises in zigzags to the top of the R ridge and crosses a field to the SW corner of the school at Gurses. There is a well with a bucket near the school gate, and the new road runs in front to the school. (hilltop to Gurses school – 1 hr 10 mins.)

Turn R onto the main road and walk down it for about 1km. Turn L onto a loop of the old road then L again towards greenhouses. Walk on G5 track betweenthe greenhouses, turn R then L the R onto G2 track which vaguely follows the overhead pylon wires downhill to another G5 track Turn R and walk almost back to the road. At a well, turn L onto a wide G5 tractor track which descends to a grassy area with tall trees and ruins. Turn L/downhill and at follow waymarks down a stony steam bed. Keep R of the stream on G2 path which continues to meet the old road on a bend; the new road is only 50m R. Bear L and walk 100m down the road to a junction to a junction by houses. Turn L onto a G6 track which descends through houses ENE across open land towards forest. Keep R on G3 path and start to descend more steeply following a gully on the L…. to the N side of the acropolis hill.

SECTION 18 Waymarked spring 2009.

 We have probably not allowed enough time for this section – 24 hrs would be more like it! The path up to Papaz Kaya has become clearer and is now well-marked but narrow and stony.

 There was an attempt at opencast mining on the hillside below Papaz Kaya – we submitted a request for a preservation order which should have stopped it. HOWEVER the route was damaged by bulldozing and waymarks destroyed. P71 Para 2. The path levels off as it approaches Kutluca, and you have to climb out to the village road to the L of a greenhouse. Turn L and find the continuation (a very narrow path) behind a pomegranate orchard. It then goes up bends of a road and joins the old road on a bend. It then rises up more hairpins and straightens up to run, rising, along the valley side.

End of page 72. Slightly L, passes over a well then keeps L of a shepherd encampment. It heads straight up through scrub, becoming more indistinct, then bends L to a boulder. Turn R onto a long diagonal which rises below the cliffs of Papaz Kaya then doubles back to a large boulder. The forest path starts about 30m above the upper boulder.

 The path has been partly destroyed by a bulldozed road leading to mining operations. If there is any activity here please inform me. Tree-cutting at Avlağığgediği has resulted in huge pile of cut timber on the route. Keep L of the timber and R of the wire fence.

End of page 73 Continue L over the next hilltop and keep R of the wire fence (do not cross it).

Much tree cutting in this area and many marks missing. There is now a shepherd encampment at Belos, somewhat spoiling the atmosphere; however, much of the scrub has been cleared and you can get a better idea of the layout of the site.

Markings on the road around the L turn before Belen are missing or confused. You can see the well from the road, so resume the path from there.

The last few markings down to Finike may be missing – the area has rubbish tipped on it.

No reported change

SECTION 20 Waymarked spring 2009.

 There is now only one diversion from the main track – forest cutting and greenhouse building is in progress and has affected side tracks. The diversion from the main track starts at a turning R/downhill from the road towards a wooden house; continue L of the house towards Korsan Koyu, the small beach close to Melanippe. At the beach, turn up again and rejoin the road.


The lighthouse is now effectively abandoned, in spite of being equipped with both wind and solar power.

The camel farm is also abandoned. Reports of rubbish tipping on the section below the camel farm.

SECTION 21 Waymarked spring 2009.

 Some people report both rivers were so full after recent rain they had to make a long detour. Winter or early spring only.

There is a new path from the summit area of Musa Dağı as far as the pensions on the Olympos road. A 3-way sign on the track after the shepherd hut and below the old well indicates the division of the tracks. If you turn L/NW, the path leads you to ann open area above forest; from here it descends steeply in mixed woodland to a dirt road. Follow this down and re-enter forest. Take a diagonal L and continue down a path which improves as it arrives at an area of grassy terraces. Bear R and follow a stream bed down to the road. (the final 200m of the path is not marked and may be partly blocked). The exit is at a market opposite the Turkmen pension.


Updates to the 2009 (3rd edition) book sections 9-15

Warning: We are now discontinuing updates for the 2nd edition. We strongly recommend that you buy the latest version (3rd edition) of the guidebook as the map is much improved.


SECTION 9 Waymarked in spring 2009 and maintained recently. 

No reported changes.

SECTION 10 Waymarked spring 2009. Change of route as follows:

Bezirgan to Sarıbelen
 At the crossroads E of the mosque at Bezirgan, turn R/SE and walk down the road for 300m to a L turn turn onto a G4 walled track which passes between some delightful village houses. It b4comes a G2 path and after another 300m turns L/E up a steep slope heading towards a pumping station. Skirt the Bezirgan – Sarıbelen road and veer off on a G2 track After 500m turn sharply L down the steep slope and again skirt the road on a bend. Continue steeply down to meet the lower road.

Turn R/W along the road and after 300m turn L/SE on G1 path across farmland to cross a stream. 300m later zigzag up towards buildings on a skyline. Pass a fenced garden on the L to the asphalt road and turn L towards Sarıbelen. ..keep L/down at the junction.

SECTION 11 Waymarked spring 2009

SECTION 12 Waymarked spring 2009

.  You should use the shorter (old) route leading along the ridge to Phellos.

SECTION 13 Waymarked spring 2009.

SECTION 14 Waymarked spring 2009. 

Reported that villagers at Boğazcık have been stopping walkers and telling that the section Boğazcık – Uçağız is dangerous and difficult to find. They then offer the walkers a taxi-ride to Üçağız – for 60 or 80 TL!

SECTION 15 Waymarked spring 2009

Updates to the 3rd edition book sections 1-8

Warning: These changes are for the 3rd edition of the book. We strongly recommend that you buy the 3rd edition of the guidebook as the map is much improved; we will no longer supply updates for the second edition.

SECTION 1 This section has been partly destroyed by the Forestry Ministry and by construction of a new hotel right on the route. 
The Olu Deniz Rotary Club have placed unauthorized signposts at the beginning of the trail and the Garanti signs have been removed. P 30 para 2. The bulldozed road has completely destroyed the lovely kaldırım (paved mule trail). To startthe walk, talk the asphalt road from OluDeniz towards Faralya and after the bends find a green-yellow signpost. It marks a track which climbs steeply to join the Lycian Way.

SECTION 2 This section has been re-waymarked 2009.

Page 33. The path down to the beach passes L of a new campsite, the Olive Garden. Construction work here has damaged the route, but it has recently been re-waymarked.  Go through The Olive Garden restaurant. By the swimming pools follow the stairs going to the lower terrace.

Find the white/red waymark by the small mulberry tree, walk east along the terraces for 140m.
Enter and cross a small gully. Later start ascending the zigzags to the south, entering the forest.
Continue on the trail for 400m until you come across a dirt road.
Cross the road into a small clearing in the forest to find the trail again which will lead you down to the Kabak beach.

Optional walk. There has been some bulldozing and the start of the walk is confused. You can walk level through the village and, after houses, fork L/up on diagonal path to meet the footpath at the viewpoint before it turns into the valley.

SECTION 3 This section has been re-waymarked 2009.
 P35 1st para – the spring is now dry nearly all year. 

SECTION 4a Waymarked in 2009 from Sidyma to Bel only.

 Locals have recently marked the rest.

SECTION 4b Waymarked in 2009.
 Do not use in bad weather; the path has been repaired but is narrow in parts. P38 last para. ….up a rise. After 1.1km, before another R bend, … P39 1st para at the R side of the house and turn L/SE and continue horizontally on a terrace with olive trees.    There is a yellow-red waymarked path parallel and east of the road before Gey. Use this instead of walking on the road.

SECTION 5 P 40 last para. There is an alternative route ( with fabulous views) on the seaward side of Kocabuçakbaşı Tepesi. Climbing out of the village, fork R onto climbing track and continue past houses and SW around the hill. The track ends in trees above the sea; climb L/SE to cross a ridge and find a grave, then descend SE first down stony path then across terraces and cross to the road. There is a Lycian boundary marker on a lower terrace.

SECTION 6 Waymarked in 2009. 
P42 Para 3. Reported tree cutting and making of forest tracks has made this section to the ridge and along the ridge to the track difficult. You could continue on the main track for 300m, then R/E on a fire-track for 300m, then bear R/downhill to meet the forest road on the bend.

Last para. Apparently the dolmuş stop has been moved along the road 200m inland. It runs from the beach  to Kınık several times a day in summer.

P43 para 2. Tree cutting in this area. Instead of trying to find the narrow path, continue on the main track until it meets a wide, chalky road. Turn L and follow it for 1.4km to a bridge and road; turn R then immediately L and walk to a mosque with a blue-topped minaret. Turn R then bear L/NW to Letoon.

SECTION 7 This section has been substantially shortened and re-waymarked in 2009. Look out for the changes below.

 P45 last para. …graveyard wall. Continue 200m  and keep R/SSE alongside fields then straight on. Rejoin the aqueduct…. P 46 3rd para. …climb the E valley side to a new road which climbs into the valley. Turn R/SSW, crossing the road onto a …..smooth G3 with wide hairpins.  P47. 1st para. …Bear R/S onto path, passing some houses for 200m to meet a G6 road.  Turn L then keep R/downhill to Üzümlü’s mosque. If you don’t want the shop, etc, you could turn L then R by the 2nd house going SE to meet a dirt road. Turn R and follow this S then SW to meet the tarmac road rising from the mosque. P47 para 2. ….passing for 700m through maquis then above a cottage. Turn R/downhill then L on a G5 road; turn L onto a wider road and walk round a R bend past two more cottages to a L bend. Turn R/down a G3 path….

SECTION 8 Partly re-marked 2009. P 48 Para 3. Cross the road and continue W then R/NNE  through an overgrown olive grove.... The route gradually turns SW over a dry valley (the bridge has gone), NW then SW around the next hillside ... Para P49 Para 1. From Delikkemer, turn R on the G6 dirt road and at the bend continue straight/N up a grassy bank …..  ……medieval tower and continuing NW on open hillside then join a wider track and continue straight then W …….. …..follow the track R/NW across an area planted with trees then meet a G6…..