Lycian Way

Route Updates

New book – June 2014.

Warning: We have now discontinued the updates on the 3rd edition.

There is a new edition out (June 2014) which has major changes in it.

For the additional 2 days at the end of the route (Hisarçandır – Geyikbayırı) see

the trekkinginturkey blogs

The major changes are as follows:

- Small change in route above Kabak to avoid road

- Changes before Gey/Yediburun to take route off the road

- Short change after Kalkan to take route off the road

- Short change between Bezirgan and Sarıbelen to avoid a rubbish tip

- Change after Gökçeören to avoid part of the road

- Major change after Gürses to take route into the Demre Valley and the foot of the Gavur Yolu. This section is an alternative route – the main route runs to the beach at Kale and then goes by bus into Demre/Myra. This alternative has not yet been implemented.

- Minor changes to avoid part of the road from Karaöz to the lighthouse

- Major change between Çıralı (Maden beach) and Tekirova. The route now runs inland from Maden beach on an old trail leading to the inland side of Tekirova. It meets the old trail on the bridge in Tekirova.

- Minor change cutting off a corner on the climb from Gedelme to Meşe Çukuru.

- extension of the route for 2 days from Hisarçandır. From the signpost at Hisarçandır, walk on the main road towards Antalya then after 200m, just before the bend/stream, turn L on wide dirt road to a spring. The waymarks start from here.

There are buses from Geyikbayırı to Antalya intercity bus station 3 times per day.

521A / at 6am, 12.30 pm, 17.30 pm.

Route:  Otogar Aktarma Merkezi (intercity bus station),

Hürriyet Cd. (Gülveren bus station) - Bahtılı -Akdamlar-Geyikbayırı-Çağlarca and return.

501 goes every half-hour to Akdamlar, from where you may be able to get a lift.

Antalya bus map