Lycian Way Route Updates

Fake waymarks

Unfortunately, we have just heard that Ali has (again) deleted the original waymarks and re-marked the Lycian Way between Kaş and Boğazcık as follows:

Please ignore this way marking. Also please note that apparently Ali has been trying to entice some trekkers into his accommodation. There is an alternative pension, the Apollonia Lodge, in the village.

Camping on Tahtalı slopes occupied

Above Yukarı Beyciik, on the slopes of Tahtalı, Emre has set up a stand selling drinks and snacks (at high prices). Apparently he is not allowing anyone to camp nearby.
There isn’t a better campsite higher up, and no water either, so better to camp BEFORE the yayla until this is sorted out.


  • From Fakdere to Boğazcık
    20 mins before Boğazcık there is a problem with the waymarks. Be careful and follow notes in the book.
    Also agressive dog same area.
  • In Demre, there is no longer a dolmus from the beach to the city.  This may be just a “late in the season” thing, but three people said that the dolmus did not run earlier in the season either. Please let us know if you have any additional information.

New book – June 2014

Warning: We have now discontinued the updates on the 3rd edition of the Lycian Way book.

There is a new edition out (June 2014) which has major changes in it.

For the additional 2 days at the end of the route (Hisarçandır – Geyikbayırı) see

the trekkinginturkey blogs

The major changes to the route are as follows:

– Small change in route above Kabak to avoid road

– Changes before Gey/Yediburun to take the route off the road

– Short change after Kalkan to take the route straight up the hillside from the pedestrian bridge over the main road

– Short change between Bezirgan and Sarıbelen to avoid a rubbish tip

– Change after Gökçeören to avoid part of the road.

– tree cutting on the track around the head of the Dereköy valley between Eren T. and Phellos has destroyed waymarks and made the route difficult to follow.

– Major change before Kale/Andriake. One branch of the route climbs to the main road and crosses it to Trysa then descends to the Demre Valley. The other branch runs along the beach at Kale and then goes by bus into Demre/Myra. The routes meet again at the bottom of the Gavur Yolu.

– minor change at the top of the Gavur Yolu to pass the ruins of Asarbelen Tepe before going to Belen.

– Minor change on the descent from Belos to Finike to take the route back onto the Roman road just after crossing the river-bed.  (Route had to be diverted because of tree cutting).

– Minor changes to avoid part of the road from Karaöz to the lighthouse.

– Major change between Çıralı (Maden beach) and Tekirova. The route now runs inland from Maden beach on an old trail leading to the inland side of Tekirova. It meets the old trail on the bridge in Tekirova.

– Minor change cutting off a corner on the climb from Gedelme to Meşe Çukuru.

– extension of the route for 2 days from Hisarçandır. From the signpost at Hisarçandır, walk on the main road towards Antalya then after 200m, just before the bend/stream, turn L on wide dirt road to a spring. The waymarks start from here.

There are buses from Antalya intercity bus station to Geyikbayırı 3 times per day.

521A / at 6am, 12.30 pm, 17.30 pm; returning roughly one hour later.

Route:  Otogar Aktarma Merkezi (intercity bus station),

Hürriyet Cd. (Gülveren bus station) – Bahtılı -Akdamlar-Geyikbayırı-Çağlarca and return.

501 goes every half-hour to Akdamlar, from where you may be able to get a lift.

Antalya bus map

Fire damage

The route has been damaged in the following places:

Lighthouse to Adrasan. The last 2 km approaching Adrasan was burned in June 2014. Tree cutting currently in progress but the route is usable and has been re-marked. In spring we will see what effect the fire has had on the endemic red tulip which grows in these woods.

– Adrasan to Çıralı. A huge storm topped many trees above Olympos on this section. We have cut a way through but the route is still messy and difficult to use for about 200m. The west slope burned in a fire and tree-cutting has affected the route; tree cutters have bulldozed a track through the route. Reports of missing waymarks after the shepherd hut, across a burned area and R/up the hill to the pass.

Elmayanı to Hisarçandır (Section 27)

The dirt road from Elmayanı to Hisarçandır will shortly be surfaced. At the moment it is only partly way marked; we are looking for alternative routes and will soon make some changes in this area.