Sponsored by Kemer Belediyesi (Municipality) and the great idea of the Kemer Kaymakam (assistant governor), new day-walks are springing up in the Kemer area. Ömer Nizam, the energetic young pioneer of these walks has had assistance from Andrew and Fay Weilochowski and others at Beycik, plus local walking clubs. The routes are now marked in yellow-red way marks; where they run alongside the Lycian Way, the colours are red-white-yellow. The signposts are yellow and similar to the Lycian Way ones, but clearly marked ‘Beydağları Yürüyüş Parkurları’ – Beydağ mountains walking routes. Soe routes will be suitable for off-road mountain bikes.

There will be a map of the routes and other publicity materials out soon – just watch this space.

Unfortunately, not everyone is as responsible as Ömer. After a motorcycle enduro event in the forests above Kemer, we found miles of route marked off with Husqvarna tape. Now, BMW sold Husqvarna last year to Pierer İndustrie, headed by Stefan Pierer, who also owns KTM and therefore has a somewhat of a monopoly of serious off road motocross bikes. Perhaps he has yet to get to grips with what is being done in the good old name of Husky?  Please could the local Husqvarna dealer, Moto Aktaş of Kemer, clean up?

Behind the hotels in Tekirova, exactly where the Rixos Group has just made a new and wonderful all fun slide and splash water game park, is widely scattered building materials, ploughed up land and abandoned rubbish. Do we have to tell them to clear up too?







  1. November 26, 2014

    Ref: Kate Clow’ s comments on daywalks.
    Kemer municipality need to reconsider this program of day-walks.
    The combination of official signs, the red/ yellow waymarks and kilometer markers will lead many european tourists amongst others to assume that these are risk-free local walks as found in many parts of Western Europe, and to attempt them without adequate preparation.
    My partner and I were attacked and injured by a pack of dogs on one of these walks.
    Some warnings needs to be in place, preferably at the start of the walks, about the possible risks to prevent future serious injuries and suggest how local guidance could be obtained.

  2. December 11, 2014

    Hi Hugh,
    The project is not yet finished. Before next walking season there will be a map, which will have information about each individual trail and a telephone number where you can ask for help.
    You don’t say where you were attacked, and whether the dogs were attached to a shepherd encampment. If they were just strays, it’s difficult to warn about them as they roam about and could be anywhere. Hope that the encounter didn’t spoil your holiday.

    • December 16, 2014

      Hi Kate
      The dogs did not appear to be strays, I have tried to warn others about the problem see wikiloc 8297076 and 7777377 but some warning on the finger post in Beycik would be better.
      I can provide more details if that would help. Either by a private message if you are a wikiloc member, or by email, trekkinginturkey have my address.

  3. July 9, 2015

    Dear Ms. Clow
    why you have changed the signs in Beycik? Now that you have signed the Lycian Way in the middle of Ali’s Restaurant (Riviera). Why ??
    Hikers walk one hour longer and there is no market. Please change the path back at his old status.(Watertank).

    • January 25, 2016

      We changed the route so that walkers don’t have to walk on tarmac through the village.

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