Turkey has been in the global news frequently recently…and not always in the most positive contexts. Those who pay attention to current events may feel hesitant to visit the country given what they hear, read and see on television, radio and the web.  Latent fears of danger will steer them towards ‘safer’ destinations instead.

The sensationalistic and sound-byte nature of global news often paints a misleading picture though and fails to provide proper context for the stories that are covered.  It is true that the situation in South-East Turkey (near the Syrian border) presents security challenges for the country. That area is not safe to visit and the normally wonderful Abraham Path is a no-go zone at the moment. But it is important to remember that Turkey is a very big country and the situation in the South-East has not had massive impacts on Western Turkey, Central Turkey and North Eastern Turkey.

Life in rest of the country goes on as it always has. Aside from the South-East, the rest of the country is open and safe to visit.  Tourist hubs in the South-West like the Lycian Coast around Antalya are especially safe.  There have been no notable security incidents in the entire area in recent years.  As long as you follow the normal personal security precautions that you would anywhere else in the world, you will be fine.

So feel free to come visit us.  The weather is warm.  The Mediterranean waters are crystal clear.  The beaches are spectacular.  The mountains are majestic. The food is mouth-wateringly delicious.  The hospitality of the locals is overwhelming.  We look forward to sharing this beautiful part of the world with you as you come and hike along one of our trails.

  1. January 28, 2015

    It is still safe and to add, it is also safe to visit Istanbul. I live here and there are no security concerns. Probably the most dangerous thing to do is taking a taxi in Isanbul, so stay walking! 😉
    Best, Harald

  2. January 30, 2015

    There is no reason to label Turkey as unsafe. I feel even more safe over there than in many parts of Western Europe, for instance. Travelling alone as a woman is no reason for concern. I enjoy having a remote archeological site all by myself and never feel threatened in any way. On the contrary, I know that if I am in trouble someone will show up and although they may not be able to solve my problem, they’ll take care of me.

  3. February 4, 2015

    I think it is probably more unsafe in a big city in Uk at the moment, than being in rural Turkey! I would strongly recommend visiting this area and check out Kabak and The Olive Garden which is on the Lycian way, This year we are running 2 yoga holidays in the spring and autumn. Why not combine trekking with a yoga week at the end? (May 18th or Sept 21) http://www.nomadicturkishkitchen.wordpress.com for details .

  4. February 5, 2015


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