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We have previously informed you on our Facebook page that the three students who lost their way trekking in South Turkey were found. We would like to take the chance now to say we were happy that the authorities reached them before they had more serious health problems. We think this is also the right moment to take your attention to some important issues which need to be considered before/while walking on these routes, particularly the Lycian Way!

Among many other preperations before starting your trek, checking the weather forecast could possibly be one of the the most vital ones. You must definitely prepare yourself according to seasonal and regional conditions (snow, rain, storm, too much heat, etc) and postpone your trip if necessary.

The guide books which can be found in our website, other online stores, book stores and our office, are designed to provide you all the information about your trip and the routes themselves. The maps which accompany the books could not only help you plan your itinerary but also decrease the risk of getting lost to its minimum. In addition to these books and maps, we also provide GPS coordinates most of which can be obtained from websites and/or upon request by mail. Using a GPS is another important element that could minimize the risk of loosing a trekking route. Last but not the least, some of the routes also have smart phone apps which have been developed to make trekking easier and safer. At the moment these apps that have detailed maps specifically designed for the app, are available for St Paul Trail and Lycian Way, -on Appstore only but will be soon converted to Android as well-. They usually work at places where there is no mobile reception, because they use the GPS signal.

Most of our routes are waymarked according to some international standards and by following these marks you could find the route easily. We are trying to do our best to maintain and regularly renew these waymarks which can naturally disappear due to time and weather factors.

What you need to do when you lose a next waymark should be to go back to the previous mark and look for the next one in another direction!

It is usually not a very good idea to lose a waymark but still keep walking in the direction which you think is wrong.

We feel obliged to do such warnings on our books, online platforms, and any other place where we can. Using the routes consciously is extremely important for the trekkers themselves, as well as the local people and us. You can always contact us for any kind of information you need re trekking on our routes.

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