On Saturday 28th June, a forest fire erupted near the south end of Adrasan Beach.

Many tourists were evacuated from the area and four hotels have suffered fire damage. Two planes and two helicopters dumped water on the fire and a total of 250 firefighters worked to put it out. The winds were strong and it took 17 hours to totally extinguish the flames. The Maviay pension was totally surrounded by the fire, but the owner and his son pumped water from the swimming pool onto his trees and buildings. After a terrifying struggle, they saved the whole property.

A total of 125 hectares of forest were burned, around the junction of the Lycian Way and the beach road and on the slopes above. This is the area where the tiny endemic red Adrasan tulip grows. A short part of the Lycian Way has been affected, but the route is passable and has been re-marked. Timber cutters are now working to clear the burned timber and the trees will soon regenerate.

This incident, the worst fire in Antalya Province this year, shows how easy it is for forest fires to take hold, especially in windy conditions.

Our sympathies to the local people who have to rebuild their property and to the tourists who were affected by the fire.

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