To keep the Lycian Way in line with the new book (published June 2014), over the last few months we have undertaken a huge waymarking effort on the route. It’s not perfect, but certainly much improved.


Here are some important changes:

– between Akbel and Patara – reroute below Delikkemer to keep two parts of the route apart. Reroute on the difficult section between Delikkemer and Kalkan by the sea route. Reroute on Delikkemer to Patara by the sea route (off the dirt road). (Thanks Bekir, Flower Pension, Patara)

– between Bezirgan and Sarıbelen – re-route to avoid steep hillside. (Thanks, Tim, Moonstone Pension, Sarıbelen)

– Above Kalkan – route now leaves Kalkan on the pedestrian footbridge over the main road and climbs through olive trees to the pylon on the hilltop. Avoids 2km walking on main road.

– Gökçeören – reroute past Yeşil pension to avoid 3km on the dirt road. Plus remarking all around Phellos. (Thanks, Hüseyin, Yeşil Pension) – tree cutting on the track around the head of the Dereköy valley between Eren T. and Phellos has just destroyed waymarks and made the route difficult to follow (dec 2014).

– Üçağız near boathouse – minor reroute to a better path. (Thanks, Ramazan)

– Andriake footbridge – Trysa – a new, but historical, route into the Demre Gorge avoiding Demre and the greenhouses. (Thanks, Barış and Mustafa, Andriake Camping)

– Belen village to Finike – repairs after tree-cutting; diversion onto the Roman road; remarking in the stream and down to Finike.

– Gavur Yolu to Belören – reroute over the hill past Asarbelen ruins to avoid 2km on the asphalt.

– Karaöz to lighthouse – reroute off the dirt road in 3 places. Repairs due to fire damage at Adrasan.

– Ulupınar to Beycik – remarking and repairs – the villagers keep altering the way marks!!! (Thanks, Andrew and Fay)

– Çıralı – Tekirova – complete reroute inland from Maden beach to the bridge in the centre of Tekirova. Lovely old mining trail which avoids lots of km on the dirt road. The continuation over the bridge to Sundance has also been remarked and the Sundance bridge repaired. Lots of rubbish in this area – seems to have been dumped by the Rixos hotel people. (Thanks, Andrew, Joseph and the volunteer group, and Ömer and the Kemer Kaymakam)

– Gedelme – Meşe Çükürü – minor reroute on a nice path to avoid 1km of asphalt. (Thanks, Şevket at the Caner Restaurant)

– Hisarçandır – Geyikbayırı – 2 additional days walking over a pass, past the ruins at Trebenna and ending at the climbing walls at Geyikbayırı. (Thanks Gökhan, Joseph and the volunteers and Jack and Hannah)

Thanks also to Anella and Kevin, who worked on lots of different areas on the route. Thanks to Nihat for work on the Fethiye end. Thanks to my dogs, Soul and Blues, who are very old now but still enjoy trail-fnding (although they sleep a lot afterwards). As you can see, lots of effort by many people over a wide area is required to keep the route up to date. Hope the trekkers appreciate them as much as I do.

REMEMBER – we are not allowed to mark within historic sites – Patara, Xanthos, Olympos, Phaselis, etc. Here, you have to use the signposts and the instructions in the book.

Finally, congrats to Dave and Mary, from Australia, who just completed the whole route. Kate

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  1. October 29, 2014

    We just faced problem when tried to start hiking from Olympos to Adrasan. In spite of getting directions from locals and trying to follow the signpost we were cruising in Nekropolis and couldn’t find the start of the trail. We were not the only ones in this position. Finally, luckilly we met a guy who had done this part of trail before. – he showed us the right place. Can be useful for others – the entrance is just up right from the South Nekropolis- just climb few steps and you’ll see the first signs of the trail.

  2. October 29, 2014

    Marking is not allowed within historic sites, so nothing I can do about this. There is a signpost here showing the general direction and if you read the guidebook you’ll have no trouble finding the start.

  3. November 6, 2014

    We had problems at Delikkemer finding the route to Akbel and ended up on the Kalkan stretch, by the time we realised it was too late but really wished we had turned back as the heat was debilitating, very little shade. Even after the difficult karst part it took a lot longer than we anticipated.
    Re Olympos (above) we found the start although it is not obvious but we were told the difficulty lay at the top of the mountain, one fellow walker ended up back in the garden of his camp in Olympos instead of Andrasan, he and others could find no clear indication of the path.

  4. November 9, 2014

    Hi Sue. Nice to complain of heat, in November! Not sure what your problem was – you just follow the aqueduct. The Patara to Kalkan doesn’t go past Delikkemer, it keeps 100m away from the aqueduct. This marking has just been changed to keep the two routes separate – it’s clear in the new book and on the ground. We do warn you that the Kalkan route is hard work!
    Didn’t know there were problems on Musa Dağı (Olympos – Adrasan) – I marked it a short time ago. We’ll have a look before next spring. Problems there usually stem from the tree-cutting and clearing after the forest fire. After you emerge from the trees, if you descend 200m then bear L, you find the marks again at the shepherd hut.

  5. February 10, 2015

    Howdy from Vancouver, BC! Since the hostelling subscription travel magazine “Outpost” introduced me to the Lycian Way, I feel inspired to visit Turkey. Politics of late not inductive to visiting that part of the world. Perhaps, I will simply base myself in Instanbul making bus trips.
    Looking forward to your first-hand experiences. Hmm, I was on China Sojourn (Tiananmen Square occurred) and Europe (Desert Storm surely alarmed Europeans, esp. those who survived WWII).
    Spring often a lovely time to travel, rebirth of nature and longer day light hours.
    Cheers, Penny Lim (artist)

  6. July 2, 2015

    I have a pension in Patara. Its Eucalyptus Pension. We work until 1988. Our pension is family pension. We have also restaurant . Turkish homemade foods. Also grill. If you interest with us you can visit us and you can add our pension on your website for advertise.
    Thank you
    Eucalyptus Pension

    • January 25, 2016

      Please send us an e-mail with a link to your website (if you have one).
      We may be able to add your pension to the Lycian Way iphone app.
      all best Kate

  7. May 3, 2016

    Hello everyone

    I am hiking the Lycian Way right now and it is an absolutely wonderful experience, as expected. I have chosen to hike solo from Demre to Hisarcandir and perhaps further on from there. So far I have made it to Cirali where I am relaxing right now after having arrived from Adrasan. Life is good and I am extremely grateful for the huge gift the Lycian Way is to the world’s hikers. I cannot express my thanks enough but I was happy to discover the possibility of giving a donation which I did yesterday.

    Anyway, my real reason for writing this post is to stress how safe Lycia is with regards to the ongoing conflicts in which Turkey is involved and with regards to the threat of terrorist attacks. If you are in Istanbul or Copenhagen in Denmark (where I live) then you may have reason to worry about terrorist attacks. Hiking in Lycia is as far removed from such threats as, say, the north of Norway. The only potential exception I can think of may be Antalya Airport since I guess that most international airports are potential terrorist targets.


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