Faralya Nature Tourism Development Society FARDER, has submitted a project for the gelecekturizmde grant program, funded by Anadolu Efes and managed by the Culture and Tourism Ministry and UNDP.  The title of the project is Faralya – Yediburun – Eco-tourism Development project, and it concerns spreading the good practises developed in Faralya along the Lycian Way to Kabak, Alınca, Sidyma, Gey and Bel.

Before starting to prepare the project, FARDER members visited the “A Historical Stop on The Lycian Way” project at Kapaklı and Hoyran villages, near Demre. Partners to FARDER’s project are the three muhtars of Faralya, Boğaziçi and Dodurga, Fethiye Municipality and us, the Culture Routes Society. As part of the project, there will be education courses in pension best practise and handcrafts. New tourism projects such as donkey trekking and visits to historical sites will be developed and further areas will be put under conservation.

FARDER hopes to have two centres for tourism product and tour sales, one in Faralya and another in Sidyma, and use these to promote sustainable natural tourism in this beautiful area.

We wish them every success with this application, and hope to continue to work together.

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