groupThis is the story of a group walk organised by Andrew of EWP, who led a group from Şahin Tepe, above Finike, north across Avlancıgeçiti and down a river valley to Alacadağ village. The intention is to make a link to Gökbük and from there to Arycanda.

tulipThe group took a minibus from Kumluca to Şahin tepe, via the less-steep track which goes from Turunçova. That was steep enough!. On Şahintepe there was no sign of life except for a few cows wandering between the shepherd huts and later a flock of sheep. We set off up the Lycian Way, noting the fresh marking, to the top of Şahin Tepe, where the route levels off and turns along the ridgetop. Here, the path is a distinct and well-used narrow trail, as you can see in the photo above. In places the cedars were burned by a forest fire, and have been replanted. In other places only the acers remain. Anyway, there were scattered tulips amongst the white stones. wellApproaching the pass, a huge well marks the route – almost the only place for water. We noticed that other wells were frequently dry.
Andrew took a group directly downhill from the top of the ridge, but we walked to the pass to discover the old road (left picture above).

Further down, the old road goes missing under newer forest road, but Andrew then decided to follow the dry stream bed down towards the village – a great success. stepThe stream bed is of stepped limestone and shaded by overhanging trees. One or two places have short tricky descents, but most is wide and clear. It finishes in an area of quarries above Alacadağ, where the hillsides have been blasted by at least 5 separate quarries just outside the nature park.

quarryIt’s a shame that this area is threatened by so much unnecessary blasting of poor quality stone, which is damaging the cedar forest and making it very difficult to develop the route to Arykanda, a much-needed extension to the Lycian Way.alacadağtrekkers

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