The Management committee met in Impact Hub, Istanbul, on 11th January. As well as the current updates on the society’s activities, upcoming EU projects were also evaluated with the participation of the trail representatives who are likely to get involved. One of these projects is the continuation of our previous EU project named ‘Europe to Turkey on Foot’. The project aims at preparing a dossier for submitting to the European Institute of Cultural Routes (EICR) for a Council of Europe certification. We discussed the activities and timetable of the project with those members who were present during the meeting. Once the contract for the project is signed, we will again share more details on this project later on.

The ongoing route project called the Efeler Trail was also discussed during the meeting. This 700km route is following the footsteps of the “Efeler” in Aydın and İzmir provinces. The project team consists of academicians from Ege University with the support of local authorities and various student clubs. Ertuğrul Tugay, who is also a board member of our organization, is in close touch with the team and supporting them with any possible technical needs at this creation stage.

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