Useful source of info on boots for all occasions, plus other camping and trekking gear. You could read before you buy and pick up some useful tips.

Boots have changed so much over the years – I used to wear really heavy boots like these here, but as my feet toughened up I switched to lighter weight ones with little or no ankle protection for most of my trekking. But certainly if you carry a full pack or are not too nimble on your feet, strong boots with ankle protection are a must. My best tip – get boots big enough to add a shaped inner sole that suits your foot. Changing inner soles is like putting on a new pair of boots, and much easier.

My favourite boots ever were a pair of single skin 2mm leather Scarpa boots – they just moulded themselves to fit my feet and were resoled twice. Not waterproof, but not smelly either! I’d rather have wet feet than heavy, soggy gortex. Let us know what you wear on your feet!

And try this piece about trails in the USA – enough to make your mouth water….

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